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Lauren O'Malley

LinkedIn: Lauren O'Malley 


Butler University, Lacy School of Business
Finance and Marketing

Envestnet Institute On Campus Program 

  • Broad-based training in asset and wealth management with an emphasis on managed solution

  • Learned the essential language of investment management as well as its ever-changing products and technologies

  • Coursework completed in 2021

Expected Graduation: May 2024
GPA: 3.75


Fields Café Albany, New Zealand                                                                                                              June 2020-August 2020

Waitress and Host

  • Gained teamwork skills when working with other staff 

  • Good verbal communication skills

  • Learned good time management skills 


Mairangi Bay Tennis Club                                                                                                                     January 2017-January 2020

Assistant Coach

  • Worked well with a diverse group of people of all ages

  • Prepared lessons for the kids and had to be ready when showing up to the lessons

  • Set goals for approaching the lesson

Nanny                                                                                                                                                                              May 2021-August 2021


  • I learned how to be direct with instructions and communicate well 

  • I spent a lot of hours with a young child and had to be extremely patient 

  • Working as a nanny, I solved problems when faced with difficult situations and quickly thought on my feet

Campus activities

Butler University Women's Tennis Team

  • I balance a 25+ hour practice, training, competition, and travel schedule per week (in addition to academics). 

  • I work well in a team and lift other people through encouragement

Butler University Dance Marathon Committee Member, Corporate Relations

  • Raised $500 individually and worked on the corporate committee by developing relationships with local and large businesses to donate to the BUDM for the Riley's Kids.

Greek Life (Alpha Phi at Butler University)

  • Alpha Phi has allowed me to become involved in many worthwhile philanthropic, service, social, and sisterhood events. As a result, I have grown immensely and had a newfound passion for Women's Cardiac Care, one of Alpha Phi's leading philanthropy.

Financial Management Association

  • I gained extensive insight into the industry and business news in the Financial Management Association, such as the U.S.  Markets and Economics, Investments, and Careers in Finance. I

  • I learned how to handle sizeable hypothetical trading portfolios and quickly make efficient decisions to maximize revenue

Entrepreneurship Club

  • I learned a lot about how important networking is in the Entrepreneurship Club, especially in the business world. 

First-Year Business Experience

  • I was the Chief Executive Officer at Butler University's 100-level entrepreneurship class. I co-created the Wheelbox Initiative, developing the business, financial, and marketing plan and leading my team through effective leadership communication. 


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