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FMA Mission

Butler University’s Financial Managerial Association serves to create one place where like-minded students can collaborate on their financial passions. FMA does this by allowing members to explore opportunities within finance by providing both professional and educational events. Our primary goal is to help every one of our members pursue their interests and future career goals by providing a network of finance students and professionals. Nationally, FMA is recognized as an organization that offers vast opportunities to enhance financial education, network with financial firms and help students start their careers.

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Wall Street Trek

Wall Street Trek is the capstone of FMA. It is a career exploration trip to New York City exclusively for finance majors. The trip is focused on meeting with Butler alumni and learning about all the potential finance-related careers. If you get the chance, you need to go on this trip. Ask an FMA officer for more information. 


Chicago Trek

Chicago Trek is similar to Wall Street Trek. Students are given the opportunity to connect with Butler alumni and explore careers in finance. This trip is very beneficial to anyone wondering if a career in finance is for them. Ask an FMA officer for more information. 

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Speakers are the core of FMA meetings. People from a variety of different finance careers come to campus and provide their insights and perspectives. Each speaker is an opportunity for networking and learning about different potential careers and internships. Stay tuned to the FMA social media pages for updates regarding meetings and speakers. 

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